SHIKSHA was established on 12th August, 2012 , with the sole motto of providing the quality education in the best way. The only focus was laid down on making the foundation or basic concepts of the student strong and clear for continuous retrieval.

Gradually the efforts paid off, when our First AIR banged and then the success was continuous……..
In the era when imparting education has become one of the business with the sole purpose of earning money, SHIKSHA is an attempt to bring back the culture of traditional times when education was considered a pious activity. As the name suggest, the main aim of SHIKSHA is to provide the students with a lesson. Our institute focuses on concept clarity of the student so that they can not only clear the exams but can construct a strong foundation upon which there future success will rest.

SHIKSHA has an aim to change the study pattern of students and make them more logic oriented.

“Imparting knowledge with ethics” believing in this motto, SHIKSHA is focused towards imparting education in the most ethical manner.